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An exciting news came from PT Megaxus Infotech (Megaxus), a leading local games publisher and development company in Indonesia. Megaxus announced that Counter-Strike Online (CSO) will be open for gamers in Singapore starting from August 23rd 2018. Counter-Strike Online is a MMOFPS conversion of the original Counter-Strike created by Valve,developed and launched by NEXON, and published by Megaxus for Indonesia market since 2011.

“We are proud to announce that Counter-Strike Online will be officially available for Singapore. We are aware that Counter-Strike Online is popular among Singapore FPS gamers and a lot of them wish to play the game. This is an important step for Megaxus, as this is the first time we open a PC online game to a market outside Indonesia.”, said Eva Muliawati, CEO of PT Megaxus Infotech. Beside opening in Singapore, CSO is currently being tested in Malaysia to assess the possibility of opening in Malaysia.

Since its launch in 2011, Counter-Strike Online has gained great popularity among Indonesia FPS gamers, as this game is fun yet challenging to play, and it offers a lot of features such as fast-paced game play, various game modes (Original Mode, Zombie Scenario, Zombie Hero, Basic Mode, Studio Mode and many more.), various playable characters, weapons and maps, regular content updates and many more.

Competitive gamers and e-sport enthusiasts also love Counter-Strike Online because the game is regularly contested in regional and national scale e-sport tournament such as Megaxus Olimpiade, which is held once a year, and international scale e-sport tournament such as Counter-Strike Online World Championship, which is also held once a year.

“We believe Counter-Strike Online will be well received in Singapore, and we hope that this will boost the overall excitement in playing the game, including for Indonesia gamers.“, closed Eva.


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